Jim Daily is already an advertising veteran at 32 years old. This golf enthusiast has been working in the online advertising sector for 10 years. Today, he directs Teads in the USA. I met Jim at his New York office.

Jim Daily, Teads US managing director.

Jim Daily, Teads US Managing Director.


Catherine Nivez : Teads isn’t well-known to the general public. Can you tell us what the company does?

Jim Daily : We work with business to business professionals and that’s probably the reason why the general public doesn’t know about us. Our job is to help brands reach their audience through broadcasting video advertising on high value editorial websites. Our clients (top brands, as well as their advertising agencies) provide us with their videos that we distribute to well-known media sites, such as the Washington Post or The Economist.

C.N.: Teads has invented its own video formats. Why are they innovative?

J.D.: Our technology is innovative and fascinating for many reasons. We have created a new form of advertising called ‘outstream’.The outstream solutions that we have launched is an video ad which appears in the middle of editorial content; for example, between 2 paragraphs of an article, and then disappears automatically if the internet user doesn’t want to watch it. Our videos are generating incremental revenue that didn’t existed before for the editors of these publications. Until now, advertising space available on editorial sites with the greatest added value such as Forbes, the Washington Post or The Economist, were limited to more traditional advertising formats such as banners and preroll.

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Teads Offices are on the 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

Teads Offices, on the 5th Avenue in Manhattan.